Non-Emergency Medical Service in Kansas City, MO

Finding a wheelchair accessible vehicle in Kansas City is never easy! You often need to wait for hours just to receive a taxi that effectively accommodates your wheelchair or crutches.

If you or someone you hold dear needs medical transportation in Kansas City, finding a safe and experienced service provider is vital.

Omega Rides is dedicated to providing the disabled and elderly community with non-emergency medical transportation service that works within their schedule. We provide the best medical care during the trip, ensuring the well-being and safety of passengers at all times.

Medical Transportation for Elderly and Disabled Individuals

If you want to cut costs without compromising on the quality of transportation and care which your residents/ patients receive, Omega Rides could be the solution for your needs.

From non-emergency medical transportation, shuttle, paratransit, fixed route, and special needs transit to mobility management, we provide customized programs to meet your unique needs.

Our fleet of mini vans, passenger cars and wheelchair vans are insured and equipped with the state-of-the-art technology to provide a prompt and safe trip for you or your loved one.

24/7 Paratransit Medical Transportation

Omega Rides is dedicated to establishing the highest quality of non-emergency medical transportation services in the industry.

If you, your patient, or, someone you care about is critically ill and needs a skilled, compassionate ambulance transfer, we can help. Our goal is to provide our clients with reliable, safe, discreet and prompt non-emergency medical transportation throughout the Kansas City.

We are fully insured and licensed in the Kansas City and our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can easily attend medical appointments, family events, care sessions, and more on your own schedule.

Reliable Medical Transportation Services in Kansas City


Omega Rides removes the hassle associated with getting to and from the office of your medical provider. We are able to treat patients and provide emergency intrusions needed to keep them stable until they can get suitable treatment at a medical facility.

You or your loved one can travel safely with peace of mind knowing that they’re in the hands of a qualified driver. Our drivers are CPR certified and will pick you up at your door, help you into the taxi, and assist you to your destination.  


Our paratransit medical vehicles are capable of securing wheelchairs, walkers and any other important equipment you have to bring along with you. You can also fit stretchers in our wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Specialty Care from our Reliable Team

When you book us for private transit, you’ll be using a reliable medical transportation service where traveler comfort and well-being are topmost priorities.


Our drivers have expertise in gentle driving procedures that ensure a comfortable, safe ride in our clean vehicles. You can schedule a non-emergency medical ride on the same appointment day or days in advance as per your convenience.


Call Omega Rides today to schedule a transportation trip in the Kansas City. 913-375-8890