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Mission Kansas began life as a mission in the early days of the 19th century before being formally organized into a town in 1856. Beginning in the 1960s the town’s population began to grow steadily from just over 9,000 to more than 65,000 today. Its reputation as a peaceful, laid back place to live earned it 17th place on Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live in the US” 2010 survey. Its proximity to Kansas City means that world class entertainment, sports and cultural activities are always close at hand as is first class air, rail, taxi and other types of transportation.

Shawnee, Kansas History

In 1825 the US government allotted 1.6 million acres of land to the Shawnee Indians who were being relocated from the east. In 1828 the first Shawnee arrived and set up their headquarters on what is present day downtown Shawnee, Kansas. The establishment of the Santa Fe Trail brought trade and more settlers from the east, some of whom took up residence in the area. In 1856 the town of Shawnee was formally established. In 1861 the eastern portion of the Kansas territory became the nation’s 34th state. It entered the Union as a free state which ignited a backlash in the south and set the stage for the Civil War.

What to do in Shawnee, Kansas

While it’s always possible to jump in a taxi in Shawnee, Kansas and be in Kansas City in minutes there are any number of sites, sounds and culinary experiences to be had right here in Shawnee. That includes the Johnson County Museum, the Millcreek Streamway Park, the Wonderscope Children’s Museum, the Shawnee Civic Center, B&B Theaters, the Hands of Freedom Monument and more. If you’re looking to relax try Waxy O’Shea’s Irish Pub and Sports Bar or The Pour House Lounge.

Where to Eat In Mission

If a full day of museum hopping and cultural events have left you famished you’ll find Shawnee has a plethora of eating experiences on tap to satisfy every palate. There’s Fronteras Mexican Restaurant – “the best Mexican food in town” – and Sakura Japanese cuisine with their extraordinary sushi train and hibachi steaks. If Italian is more your forte try Four Seasons Pizza and Pasta. Their pizza is legendary and their pastas dishes are some of the most mouthwatering in the Midwest. It’s definitely not your mom and pop’s pizza joint.

Getting Around in Shawnee

As we mentioned, for a comparatively small town there’s an array of transportation services to take advantage of; from buses serving the local and metro area to private transportation companies in Shawnee, Kansas like Omega Rides that offer safe, convenient and affordable taxi services to locals and visitors alike. You’ll never be at a loss to get around in Shawnee.


If you’re looking for a great place to live, work or visit you’d be hard pressed to find one that will nurture your soul like Shawnee, Kansas. Sure, bigger cities have brighter lights but none will leave a more lasting impression than Shawnee.

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